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Frequently Asked Questions

Morgan Taylor Associates Frequently Asked Questions

revised 1st July 2008

We have recently taken over the management of another care home. I've been informed that we need to comply with TUPE Regulations and that consultations with the Trade Union are needed. How can you help me manage this?

TUPE Regulations protect the employment rights of both the employer and employee and can involve complex legislation which are legally binding. Morgan Taylor Assosiates has experts in this field with vast experience in dealing with TUPE transfers. We can guide you through the whole process and help you manage a smooth transition.

The planned inspection of my care home is due soon and due to staff shortages, I have been unable to review my policies and procedures this year – can you help?

Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd has the facility within the Gold Plan and Platinum Plan of the Subscription Package to review all of your policies and procedures and bring them up to date in line with changes in legislation and practice. This can be achieved within one week of electronic receipt of your policies and procedures.

I have recently applied for capital funding through my high street bank and they have asked that I provide them with detailed information to all the activities of my social care business – can you help?

Yes – Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd work on behalf of a number of banks to undertake due diligence risk assessments and we are able to provide such a service review for you in response to this request. However, you may also wish to ask Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd to undertake this review prior to any request to your bank for borrowing – it will be sufficient to meet any requests they may have and it is always good to have it ready just in case.

I have been asked to attend a very complicated adult protection strategy meeting with the local authority – can you help me with this?

Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd has the facility within the Gold Plan and Platinum Plan of the Subscription Package to meet with you prior to any meetings regarding adult protection or complicated complaints so as to be able to represent you and your business at any strategy meeting or case conference. Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd have consultants who have worked within social services department and are therefore familiar with the processes and can engage with professionals involved on an equal level.

One of my staff has approached me and stated that they have been subject to bullying by other staff due to their sexuality. They have asked that I deal with the matter for them as they feel anxious about recriminations – can you help?

Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd can help you with this. As part of the Gold Plan and Platinum Plan of the Subscription Packages you will have access to qualified Human Resources specialists who can offer advice over the phone and email or can visit you and assist you to manage this very complex discrimination issue.

I have recently undertaken a Regulation 27 (4) (c) visit to my care home and have discovered that there are no risk assessments in place for a number of key areas such as COSSH, HACCP and Portable Appliance Testing – can you help?

Yes – Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd has sufficient expertise to assist you to deal with all areas of health and safety and can help you to respond appropriately to all the requirements of the Health and Safety Act 1974.

I have difficulties in making certain my manager undertakes quality audits within my care home. I know she is busy so want to be able to offer her a simple but effective tool to guide her – can you help?

Yes – Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd have the ability to visit your care home and meet with your manager to introduce her to the “Quality Counts” tool and checklist. As part of our Gold Plan and Platinum Plans of our Subscription Packages we could work with her to prioritise all the activities she needs to do in the year to make her care home effective and efficient in relation to quality measures.

There are times when things happen in my care home and I think I may need to access legal advice. I know this can be expensive if this is purchased locally – can you offer advice?

Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd can assist with legal matters concerning the area of care homes and domiciliary care. This advice will be valid only at the time of giving it and is in no way meant to be legally binding. This service will guide you to decide if you need to pursue local legal advice only.

I am hoping to increase the contracts I have with the local authority but they say I need to go through formal tendering processes – can you help?

Yes. Morgan Taylor Associates Ltd specialise in applications for tenders with local authority organisations. Part of this activity can be made available as part of the Platinum Plan of the Subscription Packages or we can complete the whole process for you at very competitive rates under our Consultancy Services.